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Hello People,
Today I would like to share with you a little tool to promote your book on your blog. It is a little widget available from Amazon, and while some of you may know about it and are thinking: "well, that really isn't brand new information or anything, Cie," I guarantee that there are people who don't know about it, so I want to share it.

I found out about this helpful little widget from a post on the Just Publishing Advice blog. Take a look. You may find other helpful information for promoting your projects as well!

Best wishes for success in the coming year,


  1. Hi, Cie! Thanks for sharing the Amazon tool, especially for those of us who aren't naturally talented in technology. I recently requested a book from Amazon in my "Santa Claus List." My husband wants a list every year, then often ignores it. But he ordered the book, and I was halfway through it before I realized that it was completely self-published on Amazon. It was a thrill to realize that this method of publishing has become so mainstream. Wishing you a successful year of writing and lots of fun doing it in 2019. Happy IWSG Day!

  2. That is a neat trick. I've seen it on other blogs but I've never looked into how it was done. Thanks for the tip, and Happy New Year!

    IWSG January


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