NaPoWriMo 2020 Day 3 + April PAD Challenge 2020 Day 3 + April PAD Countdown Catch-Up Day 7: Follow the Leader Down the Road to Hell

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Follow Dear Leader
Down the road to hell
As he spouts lies and bullshit
Out both sides of his mouth

People are dying of a contagious disease
For which there is currently no cure
He advises us to pack the churches
Because apparently thoughts and prayers will make us immune

If only 100,000 people die
He will have done a really good job, he says
Do not be afraid, because
His ratings are better than The Bachelor's
And his ranking on Facebook is at an all-time high

Surely you will sleep better tonight knowing
That Dear Leader is tweeting in the third person
About his Bigly popularity
Just have a cup of covfefe and relax
Don the Con is in charge

~Sly Has Spoken~

Courtesy of my politically opinionated alter-ego Sly Fawkes
Image copyright juliahenze
Sly is feeling the Bern again
But she will vote blue no matter who

The only prompt I followed today was the April PAD challenge prompt. I wasn't feeling the NaNoWriMo prompt and the day 7 PAD countdown prompt didn't quite fit.


  1. Sigh.
    And hiss and spit.
    I hope his cup of covfefe chokes him.

    1. I have this tiny little nothing political page on Facebook with a few followers. Generally speaking, I'm preaching to the choir. Recently, in my irritation over Tangerine Palpatine's statement that he won't wear a mask in public, I said that I won't say that I wish that he'd get the coronavirus, but I do think it would be poetic justice, and I loves me some poetic justice.
      I had a message from "Facebook User" (no name, no picture) demanding that I remove the post. Of course I didn't comply. I do think it's interesting that "Facebook User" suddenly came swooping in from left field over this post. I have the feeling that "Facebook User" is a Russian bot.


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