Carpe Diem Acts of Devotion: Lourdes

would I be washed clean
of the stain of my mistakes
if I bathed in Lourdes?



  1. Many people would answer in the affirmative.
    I would not. I atone for my many mistakes on my own, and don't think that washing them away is reasonable (or even fair).
    And, as a PS, I agree with your comment on a previous post. Many religious individuals (regardless of the flavour) do good works. I have problems with their 'organisations'. I have similar problems with secular organisations too.

    1. I found out you can't wash your mistakes away at Lourdes anyway. Shows what I remember from my catechism classes from 50 million years ago.
      A lot of people don't want to admit that there is a terrible problem with a lot of secular organizations. I went to see if I could qualify for food benefits since I make neither diddly nor squat. The social worker was very aggressive and started asking all kinds of questions not only about me but about my son, an adult who was not present at the meeting. When I called to complain about what I believed to be a breach of privacy, I was told that it was not a brief of privacy, that they have the right to ask anything about anyone living in the household, whether that person is present or not. I was very shaken by this individual's behavior. Medicaid has always been reasonably civil. Human Disservices, not so much. I will never ask for anything from them again. They are a terrifying entity.

    2. Should say "breach of privacy" where I said "brief of privacy." Sheesh.


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